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Why Retractable Leashes Can Be Bad

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Retractable Leash

Why Retractable Leashes Can Be Bad

Retractable leashes are extremely popular. They allow your fast-walking pooch to roam, which can sound like a nice thing… but have you considered the dangers? I asked Fine Line Family K-9, a popular Palm Beach County Dog Training company, what they thought about the issue. “Retractable leashes are bad because they teach a dog to pull on the leash and walk in front of you, which turns into a bad owner/dog relationship. When a dog walks in front of you, they are claiming the alpha position of the household, and this can lead to bad behavior in general.”

Without further ado, I have compiled a list of a few reasons why you should consider leaving your retractable leashes at home and opt for a standard 6ft leash instead. 


Retractable leashes have a thin rope or cord that has been known to cause severe burns, cuts, entanglements, and even strangulations of dogs. They’ve also caused amputations of limbs and fingers for both humans and animals. When you’re at an event with people and dogs, the risk of entanglement is greatly increased, and tangled dogs can be more fearful and unpredictable. Fearful dogs are a loose cannon and can quickly escalate to aggressive behavior towards humans and animals alike. Not to mention that if Grandma gets wrapped up in the cord, she may fall and break a hip!


Many dogs will run if they are spooked or if they happen to see another animal to chase. This can cause the leash to jolt and fly out of your hand suddenly. If the leash is dropped, the plastic handle bangs around on the ground and spooks the dog, leading them to believe that they are being chased, so they continue to run in fear.  The mechanics that make the leash stop also wear out over time and could end up not working at all in a life-or-death situation. If either of those happens, your dog could end up running right in front of a vehicle or to another dog who could be aggressive. 

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