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Tips for Brushing a Feisty Dog’s Teeth

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Brushing dogs teeth

Brushing a dog’s teeth is an important aspect of their overall health and hygiene, but it can be a difficult task for dogs that are feisty or unwilling to cooperate. However, with a little patience and the right approach, you can successfully brush your dog’s teeth and keep their mouth healthy.

  1. Start Early: The earlier you start brushing your dog’s teeth, the easier it will be to train them to accept it. As soon as you bring your new puppy home, start getting them used to having their teeth touched and brushed.
  2. Use Positive Reinforcement: Reward-based training is a great way to teach your dog to accept teeth brushing. Use treats, praise, and affection to encourage your dog to cooperate.
  3. Get the Right Tools: Invest in a toothbrush specifically designed for dogs and toothpaste that is safe for them to ingest. Dog toothbrushes are typically smaller and have softer bristles than human toothbrushes, and dog toothpaste is usually flavored to make it more appealing to your pet.
  4. Go Slow: Take your time getting your dog used to the sensation of having their teeth brushed. Start by gently rubbing their teeth and gums with your finger, then progress to using a toothbrush.
  5. Use Distractions: Distracting your dog with a toy or a treat can help keep them calm and focused on something other than the toothbrush.
  6. Be Patient: Brushing your dog’s teeth can take time and patience. If your dog becomes agitated, take a break and try again later.
  7. Get Professional Help: If your dog is extremely feisty and you’re unable to brush their teeth, consider taking them to a professional groomer or veterinarian who has experience with dogs that are difficult to brush.
  8. Keep it Short: Keep the brushing sessions short, no longer than a minute or two at first, and gradually increase the time as needed.

In conclusion, brushing a dog’s teeth can be a challenging task for feisty dogs, but with patience and the right approach, you can successfully keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Start early, use positive reinforcement, get the right tools, go slow, use distractions, be patient, get professional help and keep it short. Remember that it takes time and patience to train your dog to accept teeth brushing, but with consistent effort, you’ll be able to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.


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