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Kristine’s Pet Sitting LLC

Teal Paw

Kristine owns her own pet sitting business. She does not have the dogs in cages unless the owner recommend the dog be crated. She is self employed and treats your pets as if they are her own. She goes to your home or you can bored at hers. She is amazing, has a good amount of clients and gives each client a specula something at the end of the service. We love her!
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11 thoughts on “Kristine’s Pet Sitting LLC”

  1. Kristine is simply amazing! Not only did she welcome our pup, Faith, into her home, but Kristine did so during this crazy pandemic. I was sent pictures and updates daily while we were away. I’m so happy I found Kristine. She goes above and beyond. I felt so relieved that Faith was in the best hands. Kristine doesn’t just take care of her clients, she loves them! Faith was sent home with a little bag of treats, and I know she enjoyed her stay with Kristine. I can’t recommend Kristine’s Pet Sitting enough!

  2. Kristine is an AMAZING pet sitter! My husband and I had Kristine watch our dog, Duke, twice already. Duke is a very shy and nervous dog at first, but once he opens up and gets to know you, he’s very active. At our first visit, we were worried that Duke would be too scared to stay somewhere he has never been before. When we dropped him off, he was nervous for a minute, but opened up quickly and loved seeing other dogs/pets in the house. He was happy and excited to have a ‘mini vacation’ away from mom and dad. We loved receiving updates and pictures from Kristine to see how he’s doing throughout his stay. If you need anything, or an update, you can just text Kristine and she will answer back right away! Our second visit, Duke was not nervous at all and was extremely happy to see Kristine! She takes such good care of him and we completely trust her with watching Duke at any time. Her prices are completely reasonable and a portion of what you pay goes to pet rescues in need. We will always choose Kristine to watch Duke for all of our vacations.

  3. Ok,, Kristine is a natural DOG WHISPERER! They way she interacts with our four legged fur babies is amazing! She is super attentive and always has TONS OF LOVE ❤️ TO SPREAD AROUND! Highly highly highly recommend her!

  4. Kristine is an excellent and reliable petsitter. When she was watching our furbabies we never had a worry. She gives lots of love and attention, and is great with following special diets and medicine schedules as needed. I wish I could have brought her with us when we moved out of the area!!

  5. Kristine is absolutely amazing! My husband and I got married in February and all of our family members and close friends were attending. We didn’t have anyone to watch our two dogs. Kristine came over prior to our wedding to meet our dogs and get to know our neighborhood. She really took the extra steps to ensure that we were comfortable with her dog sitting service. Kristine took amazing care of our babies and even sent us pictures of them daily with updates! When we arrived home from our wedding, Kristine kindly left us a card thanking us and left a bag of treats for our dogs. She really went the extra mile in all aspects and we were so comfortable knowing our dogs were in good hands!

  6. Kristine is wonderful with our dog Brandy. We always feel very comfortable leaving our pet in her care. We highly recommend her and are very thankful that we found her. Thank you! Nolie

  7. Kristine is simply the best. She loves your pets like you do! She is that rare human animals flock to, feel comfortable with and want to be around. She takes the time to get to know your pet and never forgets their names, personalities or quirks. Kristine is the ONLY person who makes me feel 100% at ease when I leave my pets. She truly cares and you would be doing yourself and your pet a favor by using her to care for them while you are away.

  8. Kristine is THE BEST dog sitter! I highly recommend her services if your are leaving town or if your animal babies just need more attention then you are able to give. She treats my pup as her own and always sends her home with goodies. Thanks Kristine!!

  9. We moved to this coast of Florida with 2 large dogs (rescues with history). Found Kristine and so grateful we did. She set a time to come by and meet our dogs in advance of using her services to be sure they were comfortable. She got all the info she needed to watch them when we were gone. Our rescues have some issues with trust and anxiety during storms/fireworks, etc- she handles all of this with ease and our dogs love her! She sends us pics of our pups and sometimes videos of them while we are away- just love her service! And Bonus-she also brings in our mail and packages!

  10. I think I love Kristine more than my dogs do, lol! They are usually so sad when we go out of town, but since starting to use her, they looove when we go out of town! Kristine is so professional and dependable, I recommend her to all our friends with pets.

  11. We left our two dogs with Kristine in her home. She was very diligent with texts and pictures. We checked in with her a few times as well and she was so kind to answer us back promptly.

    When our flight was delayed, we were able to pick them up the next morning. We highly recommended Kristine’s Pet Sitting. She’s so caring and took great care of our dogs.

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