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Hurricane Tips for Pets

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Hurricane and Storm Pet Tips

Hurricanes can be a terrifying and dangerous experience for both humans and their pets. As a pet owner, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure the safety and well-being of your furry friend during a hurricane. From securing a safe space in your home to evacuating to a pet-friendly shelter, there are a number of steps you can take to protect your pet during a storm. In this article, we will be sharing essential hurricane tips for pet owners, including how to prepare your home, important supplies to have on hand, and the best ways to keep your pet safe during a hurricane. Whether you’re a new pet owner or a seasoned pro, these tips will help you ensure that your pet is well taken care of during a storm.

  1. Be Prepared
    • Have plenty of pet food and water available.
    • Have pet carriers out and on standby in case of an emergency evacuation.
    • Don’t forget the doggy and kitty hurricane snacks!
  2. Bathroom Breaks
    • For Dogs, get a kid pool or foldable dog bath/pool and a few pieces of sod to go potty on. Store in the garage or someplace safe!
    • For cats, if you have an automatic litter box, make sure to have a backup manual litter scoop and bags to put the waste in if the power goes out.
  3. Identification
    • Take updated pictures of all of your animals for easy identification. It’s best if you can print them out so if you do lose power, you will still have the images available.
    • Place your pet’s health records and identification images in a safe waterproof container along with your other important documents.
    • Consider getting your pets a reflective collar or an LED safety tag.
  4. Have An Emergency Kit
    • Purchase an emergency kit for your pet, these are good to have on hand for more than just hurricanes. Don’t forget to add a manual can opener, medications, food and water.
  5. Stay Calm
    • Keeping yourself calm will help to ease your pet’s fears. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup calming supplement for your pet on hand.
  6. Keep Cool
    • South Florida is HOT! If the power goes out and you’re sweating, chances are that your furry friends are even hotter than you. Have a pet cooling mat on hand to help keep your pets cool.
    • Consider getting some battery-powered fans too! Don’t forget to stock up on batteries.

Leave your best hurricane tips for pets below in the comments!

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