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4 Tips To Combat Pet Fur

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My family dog Zaylah is a German Shepherd, also lovingly known as a German Shedder! On top of her, we also have two cats, so our entire house is very often covered in fur. Many of you reading this are in the same situation, a never-ending battle with fur. 

Tip #1 – Daily Grooming

Brushing your fur babies daily will really help cut down on the loose fur around the house. At our house, we have a nightly routine where we do a quick brush of Zaylah’s coat and then brush her teeth with some yummy chicken-flavored enzymatic dog toothpaste.


Tip #2 – Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming regularly helps to cut down on not only fur but also dust and dander. Just make sure you have a vacuum that is made for pet hair. Don’t forget to vacuum your furniture as well. 


Tip #3 – Use a Squeegee

I have tried some fancy fur removal tools before, but I have to say that nothing works quite as well as a squeegee! Vacuuming is essential, but we all know that it does not get all of the fur! This is where a squeegee comes in; simply use a squeegee on your carpets, rugs, or furniture, and it works wonders at collecting the fur and makes it a breeze to vacuum up.


Tip #4 – Lint Roller

This one is for your clothes. Leave a lint roller by your entranceway or where you keep your car keys, and have another one in your car. That way, you don’t have to worry about having fur on your clothes when you leave the house. 


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