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Pet Friendly Hurricane Shelter Palm Beach County, FL

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Pet Friendly Hurricane Shelter


Pet Friendly Hurricane Shelter Palm Beach County, FL

The Pet Friendly Shelter is located inside the West Boynton Recreational Center at 6000 Northtree Blvd., Lake Worth, FL 33463 and is only available to Palm Beach County residents who reside in a mandatory evacuation zone, in a mobile home, or in sub-standard housing. Proof of residency will be required.

All pets must be accompanied by only one owner, who will stay inside the Pet Friendly Shelter. All other family members will need to stay at the adjacent human shelter, Park Vista High School. Pets will be housed in a separate area away from where people are sheltered; livestock and reptiles will not be accepted.

Space is limited and all food will be provided, so please limit personal belongings to only those essential items that you will need during your stay.

Suggested items for people include:

  • Personal cot or mat for sleeping and light bedding (cots and blankets are NOT provided)
  • Change of clothes for 2-3 days
  • Any necessary medications and a small container to keep them cold if necessary
  • Toiletry items: toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary wipes, etc. (there are no showers on site)
  • Any special diet items
  • Chargers for your essential electronics
  • Small entertainment items, such as books, board games, cards, etc.

Suggested items for pets include:

  • Carrier for cats/ leash and collar for dogs
  •  Pet food for 3-5 days
  • Food and water bowls
  • Light bedding for kennel where pet will be housed
  • Any necessary medications for your pet
  • Toys, chew bones, or other small enrichment items to keep your pet calm.
  • ID tags with name and phone number attached to pet’s collar or harness.

What to expect during your stay:

  • All food and beverages for people will be provided
  • You will be staying inside the gymnasium during your stay and sleeping on the gymnasium floor
  • This is a disaster relief shelter and should be used as a last resort option
  • There will be designated times for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • There will be designated times for you to care for and visit with your pet as they will be housed in a separate area – all animals rooms close down at night for the pets and staff to rest
  • Small personal coolers are allowed to keep small items or personal medication cold, but you will not have access to a refrigerator or the ability to bring a large cooler

This is an animal shelter, barking, meowing and other animal noises is expected.

Staff will be available on site to answer any additional questions.

To Register for the Pet Friendly Shelter, please visit:

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